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Angela Maxwell Is Walking Around the World for Women

On May 2, 2014, with $12,000 saved, Angela Maxwell left her best friend’s home in Bend, Oregon, to start a five-year walk around the world. There’s no pre-approved path for the small ranks of pedestrian circumnavigators, the dozen or so people who’ve claimed they’ve walked around the world —so Maxwell devised her own route. She traveled the 175 miles to Portland, and then across western Australia. She next headed to Vietnam, where she hiked 60 miles from Da Nang to Hue and then spent three weeks recovering from dengue fever. A year into her circumnavigation, she arrived in Mongolia. One night, a two weeks’ hike from Mongolia’s capital city of Ulaanbaatar, in a valley surrounded by mountains, a stranger entered her tent and raped her. “It was the moment that every woman is afraid of before they go out into the world,” the 37-year-old former business consultant says. After the attack—“it was over in minutes,” Maxwell says—her assailant left. Maxwell packed her gear, hiked a few miles

I just had to ride it again!

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Dakota County volunteers blitz through forest for mushrooms

Richie Rude Rides Heavy Flow at Whistler

U.S. judge reinstates proposed listing of bi-state sage grouse as threatened

Survey indicates South Dakota pheasant numbers up sharply

With grizzly hunts looming, still no decision on federal protections

Environmentalists celebrate as wolf pups born in Oregon’s Cascade Mountains

Your Daily Wisconsin Outdoor News Update – Aug. 31, 2018

DEC announces record-breaking fishing on Lake Ontario

Your Daily Minnesota Outdoor News Update – Aug. 31, 2018

Airstream Adds 19-Foot ‘Sprinter’ Build to Lineup

For those who want the iconic Airstream in a smaller footprint, meet the Interstate Nineteen. The Silver Bullet just got smaller. Airstream this week announced the Interstate Nineteen, an all-new touring coach based on a smaller platform. Airstream has long built motorhomes. Its current lineup has five touring coaches to choose from. The latest of the line is shorter than 20 feet. The Interstate Nineteen is based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 , a popular vehicle among adventurers. While many brands and individuals build out the Sprinter 2500 for myriad uses, Airstream’s build stands out. And you can even get it in four wheel drive! Of course, an Airstream-built Mercedes Sprinter doesn’t come cheap. This one hits the market this month starting at $149,000. Airstream Interstate Nineteen The Airstream Interstate Nineteen builds on the brand’s history of luxury in a package that acts more like a car than a school bus. Inside, you’ll find a power rear sofa that converts into

Ohio DNR: New action to monitor CWD in state’s deer herd


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Free Gear Fridays: Laceration and First-Aid Kit From ZipStitch

Here at GJ, we test a lot of gear. We are fortunate to test cutting-edge new products. Now, we want to give you the chance to win some gear too. This week, one lucky winner  will receive five ZipStitch laceration kits and an Adventure Series Backpacker first-aid kit. More on the brand: ZipLine Medical , makers of ZipStitch , is a Silicon Valley-based company founded by a physician to address the clinical need for rapid, noninvasive, easy-to-use skin closure. The company has partnered with hospitals in 30 countries over the past five years to treat over 500,000 patients. ZipStitch is completely noninvasive and easy to use, wherever you may be. It enables you to treat cuts with hospital-grade technology when you can’t get to an ER. Continue your outdoor activities with less interruption and avoid a trip for stitches. Be sure to check back every Friday for a new giveaway. Want the giveaway in your inbox? Sign up here . The post Free Gear Fridays: Laceration and First-Aid Kit Fro

Telluride Film Fest First to Screen ‘Free Solo’ This Weekend

Outdoor schooling is in session: Michigan students get wild in the classroom

REI Sale: Outdoor Deals Too Good to Ignore

If you’re looking for a new sleeping bag, tent, or other outdoor gear, the coming Labor Day weekend is a great opportunity to score a half-off deal. The REI Labor Day sale runs through Monday. Don’t miss out. REI Labor Day Sale: Half Off REI Co-op Trail Pod 15 Sleeping Bag : $44-54 (50% Off) Up your car camping game at a value price. REI built the Co-op Trail Pod 15 Sleeping Bag to keep campers warm down to 16 degrees F. It uses water-resistant synthetic fill that will keep you warm even in damp conditions. It’s even fairly light, tipping the scales at 3 pounds 10 ounces for a regular length. Check It Out REI Co-op Essential Rain Jacket –  Men’s  &  Women’s : $34 (50% Off) This rain jacket deal is pretty incredible. REI’s Co-op Essential Rain Jacket is pretty affordable at retail price, but at half off, it’s a downright steal. The 2.5-layer waterproof-breathable laminate jacket is treated with a DWR coating to help water bead on the surface. It’s a common construction proc

The owls have it on Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp

RV Trailer Concept Has Electric Motor: Tow With Small Cars

The Dethleffs e.Home Coco is the first RV trailer with its own electric drive. It propels itself and is a mobile power station. This is the future of electrified RV life! I’ll bet you’ve heard about concept cars. But have you heard about concept campers? At the Dusseldorf Caravan Salon , the largest camper trade show in the world, the future of RVs is revealed each year. The German RV company Dethleffs once again stole the show, last year with their solar panel wrapped e.Home (see photo below), and this year with their electric powered e.Home Coco RV trailer (above). Electric Powered Camper Trailer Most small daily vehicles just aren’t meant to tow campers. The future is electric vehicles, and while they can tow, they generally aren’t set up to do so and retain any sort of reasonable range. Dethleffs e.Home Coco might just be the answer to this conundrum. Getting There With onboard batteries and two electric hub motors, the e.Home Coco trailer is self-powered. A big benefit is

Walmart ‘Outdoor Store’ Loses Another Brand With Deuter Exit

Backpack brand Deuter is the second company this week to ask Walmart not to sell its gear. Deuter USA today announced it will not participate in Walmart’s new premium outdoor store , curated by Moosejaw. With the move, it follows Black Diamond, which sent Walmart a cease-and-desist order to request it stop selling Black Diamond products and using its marketing materials. Walmart and the Great Outdoors On Monday, Walmart announced it would begin selling “premium” outdoor gear through its brand Moosejaw. Walmart purchased Moosejaw, a Michigan-based retailer with 10 stores and online presence, in February of 2017. It launched a new gear store online on Monday. The storefront included products from several high-quality manufacturers such as Black Diamond, Danner, Therm-a-Rest, Katadyn, Orca coolers, and more. Black Diamond Sends Walmart Cease and Desist Black Diamond may be for sale at Walmart now, but don't expect that to last. The brand today told Walmart to pull its gear

Night and day in Wisconsin's wild

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What It Took to Reach the North Pole

The Best Big Whitewater in Idaho

Are Scooters Destroying Cities—or Saving Them?

Scooters. Tiny electric scooters.   No doubt you’ve heard how dockless, shareable scooters have been destroying cities like a swarm of mechanical locusts. They first started making national news in spring 2018 after a backlash in San Francisco, where residents claimed that people on scooters were commandeering the bike lanes, littering the sidewalks with abandoned steeds, and menacing children and old people with their scofflaw behavior. San Francisco subsequently banned the scooters pending the implementation of a new permitting process; one critic even called them “a plot of the young people to kill off all us old farts so they can have our rent-controlled apartments.”     As a cyclist and car skeptic, I found myself scoffing: to me, whining about people on electric scooters in a country that sees 40,000 road deaths per year seemed like complaining about in-flight entertainment while the cockpit’s on fire. At the same time, as a New Yorker, I had no firsthand experience with shar

An Ode to Being Old

How to Prepare for Dangerous Weather

Big storms really do keep meteorologists awake at night, but the most dangerous ones aren’t the epic disasters you see on the Weather Channel. No, the greatest threat to your safety likely isn’t a scale-topping hurricane or a tornado that scours a hole in the earth. Instead, it will be a preventable tragedy, the result of an everyday storm we ordinarily wouldn’t think twice about.  Take some examples that all happened this summer. Strong winds ahead of a severe thunderstorm in July capsized an amphibious duck boat on a lake near Branson, Missouri, killing 17 passengers—the highest death toll of any single U.S. thunderstorm since 24 people died in the EF-5 tornado that tore through Moore, Oklahoma, in 2013. Fourteen people were injured by falling debris in August when a strong thunderstorm struck a casino in Oklahoma City where people were waiting for a concert to begin. Earlier that month, an intense hailstorm at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs injured 16 people when

PK Grills Made Its Classic Model Portable

A Story About Living in a Van by the River

From 2012 to 2014, I lived full time out of a 2005 Chevy Astrovan. I had moved out of an apartment and into my car in 2011, and after six months of it, decided it was a little cramped, and dropped my life savings on a questionable all-wheel-drive burgundy van that I bought from a small car dealership called Johnny’s Auto Sales and Pawn on South Broadway in Denver. I had a remote copywriting job that I could theoretically do from anywhere, so I pushed it as far as I could, driving around the West, hunting down Wi-Fi at coffee shops and public libraries, sleeping on a cheap mattress in the back of my van, climbing, backpacking, dropping in on friends frequently, and generally avoiding staying in one place for very long. It was #vanlife, sort of, but without the aesthetic converted van and high-quality Instagramming of life in said aesthetic van. I drummed up as many adventure/outdoor writing gigs as I could, and eventually, in summer 2012, I quit my copywriting job to be a full time ad

Can a Ketone Drink Help Break Cycling's Hour Record?

At a high-altitude velodrome in Mexico last October, Italian cyclist Vittoria Bussi missed the world one-hour cycling record of 47,980 meters by a scant 404 meters. That margin was remarkable given Bussi’s unlikely pedigree: the 30-year-old ex-runner had started cycling less than four years earlier, while completing her doctorate in pure mathematics at the University of Oxford.   The 400-meter margin also had a curious mathematical resonance. While Bussi was laboring over her thesis, less than a mile away Oxford biochemists—including Bussi’s cycling coach, Tom Kirk—were studying the endurance-boosting properties of ketones, a form of emergency fuel produced by the body when it senses starvation is approaching that can provide muscles with an alternate source of energy beyond the usual carbohydrates, protein, and fat. In July 2016, they announced their results with the following headline boast: “A drink developed for soldiers to generate energy from ketones rather than carbs or fat

Natural Bridges State Beach [Santa Cruz, CA]

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How to use best tar remover for cars

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Look at them titties

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Chute à l’ours camping, Normandin, Québec, Canada (OC) 720x1080 Samsung cellphone

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Driving range needed mowed

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Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week

A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design. The post Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week appeared first on GearJunkie . from GearJunkie

Circumnavigating Manhattan Via Kayak

First Look: Sitka Early Season Whitetail System

Fair Day Venison Corn Dogs

Anti-trapping organizations are adapting

Your Daily Wisconsin Outdoor News Update – Aug. 30, 2018

Strider Just Built a Carbon Fiber Bike for Your Kindergartener

Everyone deserves to experience the look and feel of a carbon fiber bike. And with the Strider 12 ST-R, that means every single little one . The silly expensive $900 Strider balance bike comes with full carbon fiber on the frame, fork, wheels, handlebar, and seatpost. And of course, if you’re going this big for your little one, there’s no point in stopping there. Available in October, Strider mounts the 12 ST-R with a Cane Creek AER headset, a custom-forged alloy stem, and Schwalbe Big Apple tires. And don’t worry! There are additional high-performance components to set any young racer up for success. Not to mention a lifetime of bike snobbery. Strider founder Ryan McFarland noted the affluence factor in a press release: “While the vast majority of our bikes focus on durability, function, and value for families with young children learning to ride, the ST-R is an over-the-top, no-expense-spared, limited-edition race bike for the obsessed super-enthusiast. And, man, is it cool!”

Pet Fitness Trackers Monitor Dogs on the Move (or Couch)

Just when you think you’ve tech-ified your entire fit life, you realize you forgot Fido. Maybe he needs a pet fitness tracker. People in the U.S. already spend over $72 billion on pet products and care each year. And that number that has been rising steadily for a couple of decades, according to the American Pet Products Association. So what’s one more $300 fitness tracker to make sure your animal companion is in the best shape possible? For some, the mere notion of a gadget for a fur-friend elicits a chuckle. Who Uses Pet Fitness Trackers? For others, like Kim Discher of Lake Tahoe, who does everything from long-distance hiking to backcountry skiing with her dog, it’s at the very least an intriguing idea. In her case, knowing about her dog’s activity and nutrition could even be a lifesaver. “That’s really neat!” Discher said about the new Actijoy pet activity tracker, just one of the latest coming to market. “I would absolutely use a fitness tracker on Lola. I’ve always been i

Your Daily Minnesota Outdoor News Update – Aug. 30, 2018

Power Packed: Goal Zero Giving Away a Sherpa 100AC Each Week

Goal Zero wants to know where you’re headed next. Share your travel plans and you could score a free Sherpa 100AC — a powerful return on your Instagram investment. Now through September 17, one weekly winner will receive a Sherpa 100AC Power Bank by Goal Zero before the portable power pack goes on the market. It’s easy to enter the “Where to Next?” pre-launch photo contest. Just post your best travel shot and story on Instagram. Tag @GoalZero and include #wheretonext. No Instagram account? Submit your photo story on . Inside the Goal Zero Sherpa 100AC Power Bank The latest Sherpa 100AC is the ultimate 100W on-the-go power outlet, whether you need to charge on a long plane ride or during your next van life excursion. At just 2 pounds, the Sherpa 100AC power bank won’t weigh you down. And its new features, listed below, make traveling with power more convenient than ever. Power: Powered by Li-ion NMC cells, with a capacity of 25,600 cmAh or 94.7 cWh. It will cha

Surplus permits still available for Camp Ripley archery hunts

Fox Live Valve: The Electric Future of MTB Suspension Lockouts

The electronic Fox Live Valve system continuously adjusts your mountain bike suspension, aiming to improve your ride — and how you ride it. Most mountain bike suspensions have a switch on the handlebars, or on the shock and fork, to toggle suspension between fully rigid and plush-squishy-soft. Terrain goes up and down when you’re riding, so you’ve probably found yourself flicking that switch between open, trail, and closed modes. It’s a handy feature that can take the bobbing and extra energy expenditure out of a buff climb. But forget to manually reopen your shock, and it can leave your shock locked out when the terrain gets technical. That can mean a bumpy and uncontrolled ride. And while manually opening and closing your shock can make climbing and descending more efficient when the trail is relatively uniform for a stretch, it’s impossible for a rider to actually optimize their shocks on the fly. Fox’s new Live Valve makes any technical ride better by taking out the human fac