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Angela Maxwell Is Walking Around the World for Women

On May 2, 2014, with $12,000 saved, Angela Maxwell left her best friend’s home in Bend, Oregon, to start a five-year walk around the world. There’s no pre-approved path for the small ranks of pedestrian circumnavigators, the dozen or so people who’ve claimed they’ve walked around the world —so Maxwell devised her own route. She traveled the 175 miles to Portland, and then across western Australia. She next headed to Vietnam, where she hiked 60 miles from Da Nang to Hue and then spent three weeks recovering from dengue fever. A year into her circumnavigation, she arrived in Mongolia. One night, a two weeks’ hike from Mongolia’s capital city of Ulaanbaatar, in a valley surrounded by mountains, a stranger entered her tent and raped her. “It was the moment that every woman is afraid of before they go out into the world,” the 37-year-old former business consultant says. After the attack—“it was over in minutes,” Maxwell says—her assailant left. Maxwell packed her gear, hiked a few miles

Squire Point in Iowa, looking off a small cliffside

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A good night to gamble

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New England

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Colorado Springs, CO

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Hike my first fourteener near Ridgeway Colorado, truely amazing

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Beautiful Snow!

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DNR came out to our family’s property to tag black bear cubs

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Best Instagram-able photo spots in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area

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Out walking around my campus today

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Emerging Gear: Vacuum Bike Rack, Custom Chacos, ‘Avocado Toast’ Sauconys

A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design. Explore the grid below or click through for a slideshow. The post Emerging Gear: Vacuum Bike Rack, Custom Chacos, ‘Avocado Toast’ Sauconys appeared first on GearJunkie . from GearJunkie

Breckenridge. The mountains are my happy place.

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Eastern Sierra (near Big Pine, CA)

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The First-Ever L.L.Bean Boot Collab Is Perfect

Packing for My First Iditarod

Two Women Traverse South America

Blueberry fields in the Autumn in Nova Scotia Canada

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Full-Custom Chacos: PrintShop Lets You Design Your Own Sandal

sunset in north India

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Lindners launch new Angling Buzz column in Outdoor News

Hike, Run, Travel: Best Women’s Leggings

Above photo credit: Chip Fieberg After 365 days of intensive women’s leggings testing, we found the best leggings for women. Get from yoga to the mountaintop to the coffee shop without a hitch. From working out to lounging about, leggings are a comfortable and practical choice. But there’s nothing worse than a pair of ill-fitting leggings. They ride up, squeeze tight, slide down, and need constant adjustment. It’s annoying and gets in the way of being active. That’s why we spent the last year testing oh-so-many leggings. And after traveling, surfing, running, hiking, yoga bending, CrossFit sweating, and generally living in leggings, we found the standouts. We’ve divided the best leggings list into five categories: running, water, everyday wear, yoga, and winter. Of course, some leggings fit in multiple categories, and this list doesn’t include every legging on the planet. But it’s extensive, and we created it after thorough testing and research. Best Running Leggings Sagging is

Petrified at the top of Meikle Tap...

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Ethereal Glencoe...

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Your Daily Wisconsin Outdoor News Update – Feb. 28, 2019

Off-season white-tailed deer hunting question: What’s your favorite rifle cartridge?

Name Drop Some Brands for Us!!

Outdoor/fitness-focused PR firm here. What are your favorite under-the-radar gear/accessories/apparel brands? Who should we most definitely know about that we probably haven't heard of? Thanks in advance for any feedback! submitted by /u/DarbyComm [link] [comments] from Outdoors

Flex, Scream, Send: Adam Ondra’s First Ascents Assail the Senses

Sit back, watch, and  listen to one of the world’s preeminent climbers send 8c+ and 9a+ routes in the Balkans. On the one hand, Black Diamond’s short film, “Adam Ondra — The Balkans Road Trip,” presents the Czech climber as a humble traveler through quiet southeast European towns. But those snapshots juxtapose against Ondra ‘s ferocity on the crag. “The Balkans Road Trip” provides a candid look at an elite climber performing at the highest level. Watch: Adam Ondra Onsights 5.14c at Smith Rock Adam Ondra climbs an incredibly difficult sport climbing route in one attempt. The 140-foot testpiece was America's first 5.14c, set by Alan Watts, and had yet to see an onsight until Ondra. Read more… The post Flex, Scream, Send: Adam Ondra’s First Ascents Assail the Senses appeared first on GearJunkie . from GearJunkie

Your Daily Minnesota Outdoor News Update – Feb. 28, 2019

Never a bad time to shoot your bow

Night sky🌌

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Crazy-Good Commercial: Nike Women’s Riff Is a Slam Dunk

Nike showed us what crazy can do. And the response to the ad is equally off the rails. Nike’s newest commercial features barrier-breaking female athletes from past and present. Tennis legend Serena Williams, whose recent antics on the court have been called many iterations of “crazy,” narrates the goosebump-inducing ad. But a little bit of crazy also helped Williams win 23 Grand Slams, have a baby, and come back for more. A woman running a marathon was once considered crazy. A female boxer: Yeah, crazy. Chloe Kim landing a double cork 1080 on the halfpipe? Crazy. Crazy good.   The post Crazy-Good Commercial: Nike Women’s Riff Is a Slam Dunk appeared first on GearJunkie . from GearJunkie

Goodbye, Gore-Tex? Waxed Canvas Is Durable, Water-Resistant Alternative

Amid difficult, snowy conditions, fish-house removal deadlines loom

Ohio Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – March 1, 2019

Central Ohio – Wildlife District 1   While on patrol during the deer gun season, state wildlife officer Tony Zerkle, assigned to Fairfield County, contacted a group of hunters returning to their vehicles after a deer drive. After checking licenses and deer permits, officer Zerkle observed an untagged deer in the bed of a truck and asked who had shot the deer. One of the men admitted the deer had been loaded into the truck and driven from Licking County to Fairfield County without a temporary tag. The hunter was issued one summons for transporting the deer without having a tag filled out or attached. He was found guilty in Fairfield County Municipal Court and paid $275 in fines and court costs. Northwest Ohio – Wildlife District 2 During the 2018 deer gun season, state wildlife officer Ryan Kennedy, assigned to Hardin County, received a complaint of someone hunting without permission. The complainant was hunting on property where he had permission and had come across another hunter w

Ohio Outdoor News Fishing & Hunting Report – March 1, 2019

Central Region Alum Creek Lake (Delaware County) — About the only type of fishing going on right now at Alum Creek is below the spillway, and that isn’t such a sure bet, either. Water is reportedly muddy from all of the rain the area has received in the past two weeks. Not many anglers reporting catching anything, and there’s just a handful giving it a try, according to local reports. Buckeye Lake (Fairfield, Licking, Perry counties) — It shouldn’t be long before open water dominates the conversation. One of the first willing biters at Buckeye in central Ohio is the channel catfish. Fish anywhere you can find shallow water and vegetation for the best catfish bite. Many baits will catch catfish, but veterans stick with a simple nightcrawler under a float to produce the bite. Indian Lake (Logan County) — Anglers are fishing the shoreline at Moundwood and doing OK on saugeyes and decent size crappies. The successful bite is coming on small crankbaits or stick baits. If you go, be pr

Ohio Outdoor News Calendar – March 1, 2019

Banquets/Fundraisers March 2: Adams County WTU Banquet, 5 p.m., The Willow, Winchester. For more info call Tyler Sparks, 937-217-1049. March 2: Hole in the Horn WTU Banquet, 5 p.m., Kent American Legion Banquet Facility, Kent. For more info call Dennis Malloy, 330-507-9489. March 2: Wyandot County PF Banquet, 5:30 p.m., Upper Sandusky Elks. For more info call Chad Baker, 614-309-4104. March 9: West Central Ohio WTU Banquet, 5 p.m., Mercer County Fairgrounds, Junior Fair Building. For more info call Steve Feathers, 765-702-3209. March 9: Greater Columbus PF Banquet, 5 p.m., Columbus Zoo, Africa Event Center. For more info call Matt Krejci, 614-657-2201. March 9: Tecumseh NWTF Banquet, 5:30 p.m., Assembly Building Greene County Fairgrounds. For more info call David Honeycutt, 937-602-8002. March 16: RMEF Banquet, 5 p.m., Galaxy Restaurant, Wadsworth. For more info call Catherine Weiss, 330-815-6211. March 16: Licking Valley WTU Banquet, 5 p.m., Moundbuilders VFW Post 1060

A lovely February view near Rydal caves, Lake District UK.

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Adidas Makes a Great Boot for City and Trail

Cannabis-Infused Beer Is Hitting Shelves

Pickathon Edge Series: Valley Queen

14 Types of Push-Ups—and How They Help You

Cycling Is Only as Hard as You Make It

Cycling is easy—really easy. In fact, cycling is so easy that it's the standard by which all other easy stuff is measured, hence expressions such as, "As easy as riding a bike" and, "It's like riding a bicycle, you never forget." On the cliché scale of difficulty, the only activity that ranks lower than riding a bike is a walk in the park. The main reason cycling is such a doddle is that the bicycle is probably the most efficient machine humankind has ever devised. Consequently, there’s a profound connection between bike and rider that borders on the metaphysical . Once you learn how to ride a bike, the ability is something you can count on for the rest of your life, like flowers blooming in springtime or U2 releasing yet another album. Hey, I'm not saying cycling can't be hard. You can make anything hard and it’s human nature to do so, which is why some of us do stuff like walk on hot coals or live in New York. Still, it’s worth noting that in or

Maggie Battista Shows Us How to Meal Plan

How to Shop for Puffy Jackets

Frequent Flier Rewards We’d Actually Like

Airline loyalty programs are pretty complicated, and, let’s be honest—you’re never sure you’re actually getting “rewarded” for your loyalty to a certain airline. Or if it’s really worth it. But what if airlines really had to try hard to impress us? And get creative about it? Instead of “After flying X qualifying segments or X miles and spending $X,000 on flights , you will potentially earn one possible free upgrade to somewhere closer to the front of the plane, if the flight is pretty empty on that day,” what if it was something like, “Hey, looks like you’ve flown a ton of miles with us, so we fixed that leak in the roof of your house and got your kids a puppy,” or “Thanks for booking your last 30 flights with us, we’ve arranged for you to have an empty seat next to you for your next ten flights”? Here’s an altogether unrealistic, but I think pretty persuasive, suggested list of airline loyalty benefits, using a simple formula: 5,000 miles You get upgraded to a whole can of soda a