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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

What's a good hiking shoe?

So I'm looking to go for a week long hike across the Appalachian trail starting at the end of July and the trip will be about 100 miles. I normally go for 10-15 mile one day hikes but my old boots are falling apart and I thought that this time I should ask people who know what they're talking about before I buy. I plan to carry a <50LB pack but there's a small chance I'll have to increase that load up to 65LB and I weigh 190LB so it's going to have to be able to take quite a lot of punishment. I would love to find something for less then $100 so I can buy them immediately and begin breaking them in but I know that's likely a pipe dream so if it could be around $250 then I'd be happy.

Any and all suggestions are welcome and I actually do plan on making another post about suggestions for the trip. I'll be starting from the Chattanooga area and have a loose idea of where I'll be going but if someone has has hiked that bit PM me your advice. Thank you all ahead of time for the help!

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