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Friday, September 20, 2019

11 Funny Cartoons Involving Wildlife

A few years ago, my Instagram feed wasn’t quite doing it for me, for whatever reason—maybe I sort of OD’ed on photos of beautiful places, maybe all the photos of beautiful places were making me slightly envious, or maybe I just got bored with it. So I started following cartoonists—a lot of them. My feed gradually transformed, and is now filled with funny cartoons. Sometimes, those cartoons contain wildlife. Here are a few of my favorites:

Ellis Rosen

Jake Thompson

Lonnie Milsap

Joseph Dottino

Tommy Siegel

Amy Hwang

Nathan Bulmer

Andrew Hamm

Lars Kenseth

Amy Kurzweil

Will McPhail

Brendan Leonard’s new book, Bears Don’t Care About Your Problems: More Funny Shit in the Woods from, is out now.

from Outside Magazine: All

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