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Friday, September 20, 2019

Ford Finally Offers a Factory Lift Kit for Ranger and F-150

Ford finally offers a factory-approved lift kit for the F150 and Ranger 4×4 models. This leveling kit also modifies the front suspension with Eibach springs and FOX shocks.

The F-150 has been around since 1996 and the Ranger since 1983. But this is the first time Ford is offering an off-road leveling kit for these ubiquitous pickups of the North American highway.

These new Ford Performance products offer 2 inches of lift to the front of the trucks, leveling the vehicle.

Ford Factory Leveling Kit: Benefits of Height

2019 Ford Ranger

This mild lift increases front ground clearance as well as entry and breakover angles on both trucks.

The F-150 sees a 22-percent increase in approach angle and a 7-percent increase in breakover angle. The Ranger sees a 21-percent increase in approach angle and a 10-percent increase in breakover angle.

These are not inconsequential improvements and make a big difference when you need to tackle off-road terrain.

No word on if you can fit bigger tires because of the leveling kit. We would guess you could fit a slightly larger tire than what comes on the truck, but probably not much bigger than you could without this kit.

2019 Ford Ranger

“The elevated off-road geometry, paired with Ford Performance tuning, makes this a really unique offering,” said Eric Cin, global director of Ford Vehicle Personalization and Accessories.

“The secret sauce to this kit is in the Ford Performance tuning. This suspension and its tuning are designed to improve off-road handling and responsiveness, specifically for Ranger and F-150.”

Upgraded Ride

The leveling kit consists of aluminum-bodied FOX shocks, new Eibach coilover springs, and vehicle-specific upper front mounts with polyurethane bushings.

The shocks have been specifically tuned by Ford for optimal off-road performance and durability. And the new bushings should help isolate noise and vibration from the truck cab when the going gets rough.

Ford Factory Lift: Get Yours

You’ll be able to order these Ford Performance leveling kits later this fall at your local Ford dealer. They will set you back $1,495 before installation.

The kit is designed to be dealer-installed on any 4×4 2019 Ranger or 4×4 2015-2019 F-150. The installed kit comes with a limited warranty and keeps your factory vehicle warranty fully intact.

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