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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Video: Is Alaska the Ultimate Surf Destination?

Surfers take note: Alaska may be cold, but it has some of the best surf around. The new film ‘Within Reach’ uncovers what makes the northern land worth visiting.

Surfer and filmmaker Josh Mulcoy has spent more than 20 years obsessing about Alaska. He’s surfed all around the world, but Alaska remains a place of unparalleled magic. He explained, “I’ve gotten to surf perfect waves in other places, but I’ve never had that feeling like I’ve had in [Alaska] when it all comes together.”

In his new film, “Within Reach,” he takes the viewer on a beautiful, serene tour of Alaska. Even if you don’t surf, this video will have you dreaming of a trip north. Set aside 20 minutes, relax, and find out why Alaska might be surfing’s greatest frontier.

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