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Friday, September 20, 2019

Watch: The New Kona ‘Remote 160’ eMTB Shreds

Electric motors on urban bikes are no longer new, but a Shimano e8000 motor on a mountain bike may be. Watch four riders take the Kona Remote 160 e-bike out on their local trails.

There’s no denying electric bikes are here to stay. And if you’re a busy mom, recovering from an injury, or just starting out on the trails, an e-motor is a great investment. Especially the Shimano e8000, which Kona Bikes built into its latest Kona Remote 160.

The launch video follows riders Sherry Staples, Trevor Porter, Jim Brown, and Caleb Holonko as they share stories and shred trails. The reason four different riders all like Remote 160? The ability to explore more.

No matter who they are or what they do, riding trails is about access. The access to harder, longer, and more trails is what gives this endurance e-bike purpose.

kona e bike
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