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Monday, July 29, 2019

Mixing a rock climbing haul bag as a hikers pack?

So for a little background.... Im a rock scrambler and a climber. Intermediate boulderer, and novice climber. My boyfriend is huge into hardcore hiking and overnight camping. So... Our goal is to improve and mesh the two. We want to take on various national parks with a couple days hiking and various days ascending, once we gain enough experience!

But i was curious... I need a big pack for hiking, and I do have a huge haul bag. So maybe i could combine the two? It would work well for what we want to do, because i truly think i could fit camping and climbing gear into my haul bag. (But then again i never packed a backpack before so who knows?)

When we camp i usually tend to get all the light excess things he doesnt want to carry. Along with my bag and pad and own personal things.

Anyway i have a Black Diamond Zion Haul Bag.

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