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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Bollinger Motors Just Put a Price on This Electric Dream Truck

We’ve been following the development of the impressive Bollinger Motors EV SUV and pickup for a few years now. Today, they finally put a price tag on our dream vehicle: $125,000.

Starting today, you can reserve your place in line to purchase either the Bollinger B1 four-door SUV or the B2 four-door pickup. The final price on both is $125,000. To get your name on an early-production vehicle, you’ll want to put down a $1,000 deposit today. Do note that this deposit is fully refundable at any time, according to Bollinger.


Production is expected to start in 2020 with “first deliveries slated for 2021.” This is at least a year past the projections set when no-deposit reservations were first taken last year.

Sales and service of Bollinger vehicles will be through independent dealers throughout the U.S. and in other global markets. Hopefully, delivery times and service options will become more clear soon, as both are a bit vague at this time.

Bollinger Motors B1 & B2 EV Stats

  • All-electric all-wheel-drive dual motor, 614 hp, 668 ft-lb torque
  • Performance: 4.5 seconds 0-60 mph, 100mph top speed, 200-mile range
  • Capability: 15” ground clearance (adjustable between 10″ and 20″), 10” wheel travel, 5,201-lb. payload capacity, 7,500-lb. towing capacity
  • Weight: 5,000-lb. curb weight, 10,001-lb. GVWR
  • Energy: 120kWh battery pack, 200-mile EP range, regenerative braking, 10-hour Level 2 (220V) charging time, 75-minute Level 3 (DC Fast) charging time
  • B2 truck bed dimensions: 4’1” W x 5’9” L
  • Dimensions (wheelbase/length/width): B1 118.8”/171.5”/77.2”, B2 139”/207.5”/77.2”
  • Cargo space: B1 113 cu ft, B2 not listed
  • Approach/breakover/departure angles: B1 52/30/43, B2 52/25/28
  • Tires: LT285/70/R17
  • Brakes: 11.75″ vented regenerative 4-wheel anti-lock inboard discs

Both the Bollinger B1 and B2 will be hand-assembled in the U.S. and feature many of the same options. Both will sport a fully electric drivetrain with dual motors and a 120kWh battery pack. In-wheel portal gear hubs will help both achieve a truly impressive 15 inches of ground clearance. Also impressive is the 5,000-pound payload capacity.

The Bollinger Motors full-electric vehicles are unique beasts, even when compared to the plethora of full-electric trucks and SUVs coming to market soon from the likes of Rivian, Tesla, and Fisker. The huge payload, unique cargo storage options/configurations, and portal axles are just a few of the things that set Bollinger apart.

Bollinger Motors is also planning relatively low production numbers, hand-building their vehicles and selling them at a very premium price. All of these decisions are generally the opposite of what we know now about current and potential competitors in the full-electric, off-road-capable truck/SUV space.


Do we want a Bollinger? Hell yes! These vehicles are extremely capable, can haul a ton of gear, and have classic, timeless looks. But the big price tag, vague delivery schedule, and unsecured aftersale support network have us keeping our wallets closed — for now.

If you’re in the LA area at the end of November, be sure to stop by the Los Angeles Auto Show to check out both of these Bollinger Motors’ vehicles in person.

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