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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Kids, Parents, and Skis: Nordica Film Series Highlights Families

Nordica’s latest five-episode series focuses not on big descents or crazy stunts, but families who ski together. The first episode is live today.

Fifteen-year-old Stefano Pizzato is an elite ski racer. But he’s also a kid. Nordica’s newest series “It’s Family Time” profiles a variety of family figures who make skiing a big part of their lives.

“The inclusive and emotional campaign illustrates how skiing brings people and families together, becoming lifelong participants in the sport,” wrote Nordica in a press release.

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Episodes range from lighthearted to serious. “Mom Stoke” tells the story of a ski mom’s balance raising kids, while “Breaking Barriers,” which goes live in January, tells a Latina girl’s story about her relationship with ski culture.

You can watch them all here as they release over the coming months.

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