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Monday, October 21, 2019

This British Columbian Backcountry Traverse Is Gaining Popularity

The Spearhead Traverse in the Coast Mountains is a classic winter route. In this short film, we get a first look at the route, the mountains, and the beauty of this terrain.

Nestled between Whistler and Blackcomb ski destinations is the Spearhead Traverse. It’s a winter wonderland stretching 21 miles, with about 5,580 feet of glaciers and mountain. But the Traverse is also an area struggling to keep up with the crowds.

“It’s big terrain. It’s exploding in popularity, which is great, but it’s also dangerous,” says the film’s narrator.

The film, produced by Arc’teryx and Origin productions, tells stories from the route’s first skiers in 1964 to the efforts of freeskiers today. Transport yourself to British Columbia through 16 minutes of calm narration, gorgeous views, and chilling footage.

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