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Monday, October 7, 2019

Getting into backpacking?

Hi there, I am trying to start an intro to backpacking mini course, and would love some feedback on the curriculum in the survey and backpacking in general (even if you haven't been backpacking)!


Duration: 7 weeks

Class size: 2-8 people

Skill level: beginner (based on experience/activity level classes will vary)


  • 5 x day hikes, with other adventurous hikers
  • 1 x overnight trip to safely navigate the world of backpacking
  • 5 x optional written workouts that are tailored to your activity level and available equipment.
  • Stretch routines that will help make hiking easier and the next day more mobile
  • Exploration into state, regional and national parks of California
  • Safety, gear, food, and planning information so you can do it all yourself!

Week 1: Day Hike #1 /Meet and Greet

Week 2: Day Hike #2/ Gear Talk

Week 3: Day Hike #3/ Safety


Week 5: Day Hike #4 / Food

Week 6: Day Hike #5 / Planning

Week 7: Overnighter/ Goal Achieving

General Questions:

  • Have you ever been backpacking?
  • Why do you (want to) backpack?
  • Based on the course description - would you be interested in taking this class? What makes you want to commit or run the other way?
  • What are your biggest fears/concerns with going backpacking?
  • If you have to add something to the class to make it 10x better for you - what would you add or change?
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